Space Mining and Resources Coalition consists of individuals and groups dedicated to the promotion and advancement of space mining and resource exploration, claiming and development of procured materials.

Ms. Rhonda Stevenson­
Founder, President
Ms. Stevenson is a serial entrepreneur with specific skills of building successful, multifaceted organizations with scope, efficiency, and density. Accomplished at grass root enterprise. She has a back ground in aviation, and environmental chemistry.

Kannan Hanna
Vice President, Mining Engineer
Mr. Hanna is a mining engineer with over thirty years of combined US Government and industry experience in developing and commercializing advanced technology for the international mining industry.

Ian Bellamy
Software Developer
Mr. Bellamy is a programmer, linguist and information technologist that brings state­of­the art software and customized analysis tools to facilitate database and outreach products for making space mineral and energy resource information available to a wide audience.